Narative is a tight-knit team from across the world building great things.

We’re enthusiastic about partnering with and creating brands worth believing in.

Why Narative

At Narative, nobody has a "boss". Instead, we hold a common goal, where everyone owns executive level decision, regardless of position. We teach and learn from each other everyday, with growth based on trust and relationships.

Working at Narative

Not only are we mindful of the projects we select, we get to choose how and when we work, to ensure we’re at our best.

  • 100% remote
    work from your couch, or from a beach
  • Autonomy
    build your own hours, work at your own pace
  • Respect
    companies trust us for what we build
  • Vacation
    4 weeks paid plus sick days and holidays
  • Competitive salaries
    we pay what you deserve
  • Executive decisions
    we listen to you, at all times
  • Health insurance
    complete coverage in Canada

We have fun

Since we’re all remote, it's always a party when the team gets together. And we like food... a lot.

Narative team members looking at new tech products
Mack telling a funny story at a team dinner
Narative directing an onsite photoshoot
Soya, our beloved cat
Narative team working together at a Cafe
Narative team out for dinner
Narative working on the assets for
Narative team visits the Hopper office

Building our future

We engage with exceptional clients to fund our own ideas. Displaying our core beliefs through the development of our own products. We call this Narative Labs.

A Graph showing the relationship of growth between Narative Labs and Narative Studio.

Say hello

If you have the devotion, the curiosity and the desire to build great things, you might fit right in.

There are currently no available positions. But if you believe you have something unique to bring to the team, get in touch at We love meeting new people!

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