Whether with our clients or all by ourselves, we’re always busy building something new.

Take a peek at the products we’re creating in-house at Narative.

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Sick of tracking your trades across Evernote, Excel files and countless screenshots? Fey gives you the complete picture of your portfolio, with fast data entry, always-on risk analysis and more.

Computers have plenty of buttons, so we wondered: why explore the web with just one? Narative Command lets you instantly access any page on with simple keyboard shortcuts.

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With minimal styling and maximum features — including multiple homepage layouts, built-in social sharing and dark mode — Novela makes it easy to publish beautiful articles and stories with Gatsby.

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Whether you're looking to get inked or you're a tattoo artist yourself, this upcoming app will help you get what you need. Find artists and styles, schedule appointments, book flashes and get paid.

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Narative Command

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Project Needle

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